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Molten X-Series 2-Tone Composite Basketballs GG7x

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FIBA Approved offiial 12 panel, 2-tone design, Composite cover, Butyl bladder

GG7X Size 7

All New X Series Technology - parallel pebble construction for complete consistency of touch no matter where the ball is held.

Flat pebble surface and full flat seams to increase the contact area and createBamaximum grip and control. A more consistent back spin allows for precise shooting and passing.

All new colour increases visibility of ball rotation at greater distances allowing both players and spectators to see every detail of play.

  • FIBA Approved polyurethane leather basketball, perfect schools and club match ball.
  • Signature patented Molten 12-panel design.
  • Scuff resistance outer cover.
  • Nylon wound butyl bladder.
  • Construction: Laminated.
  • Official size and weight.
  • For indoor use only.
  • Size: 7