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Mizuno MVP Prime SE 6 12.75" Baseball Glove - Cork-Red

Mizuno MVP Prime SE 6 12.75" Baseball Glove - Cork-Red

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Each Mizuno MVP Prime SE Baseball Glove is made using Bio Soft leather to provide a professional style smooth leather that has the perfect balance of oil and softness for exceptional feel and firm control. The MVP Prime also features professional level lace which is the same durable lace offered on Mizuno professional gloves, an outlined embroidered logo for a rich, premium look, and a conventional wrist back for a traditional fit and feel. The Mizuno MVP Prime SE 312509 GMVP1275SE6 pattern features a 12.75” pattern with a popular Shock 2 web designed for outfielders. The Shock 2 web provided a very deep and stable pocket that will grip on to any ball whether in the pocket or the fingertips. This MVP Prime SE comes in a special Color Pop cork and red design for an extra level of individuality.

  • 12.75” outfield pattern
  • Shock 2 web
  • Bio Soft leather shell
  • Professional level lace
  • Outlined, embroidered logo
  • Color Pop Design
  • Cork/Red Colorway